my past life diagnosis- weird and disturbing  

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You can get yours here.

Your past life diagnosis:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Romania around the year 1325. Your profession was that of a leader, major or captain.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Timid, constrained, quiet person. You had creative talents, which waited until this life to be liberated. Sometimes your environment considered you strange.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
It always seemed to you that your perceptions of the world are somewhat different. Your lesson is to trust your intuition as your best guide in your present life.
Do you remember now?

Hell yeah. You might say it's crap, but it's pretty accurate, at least for me and it disturbs me.


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Finally. Something to write about.

I just had an argument with a foreigner over Plurk. Apparently, he, together with his jerk friends, thinks that Filipinos are annoying and irritating. Actually, here are some of the things that they said :


changed my about me...why am I getting so many responses from 14 year old kids mostly from the Philippines on one plurk in particular

It must be wuv (LOL)
Filipino children love white men?
I's a strange world out doesn't have a color chart or timetable
there's been a huge influx of young Filipinos onto plurk the last few months. I blame friendster.
I get about 30 requests a day, mostly from 14-16 year olds...
Maybe they have nothing else better to do than annoy good lookin' guys/gals...who knows?
there something wrong with young Filipinos on Plurk? (annoyed)
no nothing wrong with it....I just think sometimes my profile probably isn't suitable for kids....had a couple of friend requests
I just turn those down
You guys are really rude against Filipinos. Jerks.
because most of time they plurk about stuff I don't care about or can be downright irritating
i think its more the young teenager than the filipino, though i could be wrong
I'm not sure if you're serious or...I have more than one friend from the Philippines in my friend list
I'm just curious why plurk is so popular over there
and ya...what Kap said
Will delete you now. One down. Delete the rest of them if you are so bothered by their presence here in Plurk.
hahahah...some people just don't get it....
but if thats the way you think then I'm sure I won't miss you
Same here.

And- He never replied. I don't think he will and honestly, I don't care if he replies or not.

Yes, I know that it was his opinion and that among all the people who posted something about that issue, his was the least racist but, I blame him for not shutting his mouth and keeping his thoughts about Filipinos to himself.

bubble thoughts  

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Before i start this blog,i want to apologize for a very stupid thing that i did. Well i guess Mr.Admin knows what i mean. sorry,it won't happen again. :(

Lately,i've been doing a lot of thinking about random things. I guess its my nature to do this, and if you ask me why, all i can say is, i don't know the answer myself. So as i was saying,there are loads of stuff that's starting to bother me for one reason or another.

First concern is about my career.

As of the moment i work in a tutorial academy where we teach English to Koreans. I've been working my ass out there for the past 6 months. Yes, basically i'm happy with the fact that i got good workmates, and fortunately students with a good kick in the head. But i feel that all of this is becoming sooo bland. Routinary. No professional growth. Most of the time i feel lazy. Or sleepy. Or idle. Hahaha. I think i've posted about this in my Multiply blog. I dunno, i just can't help but rant about the effing and freaking Big B's. Well because it's this simple. I think they're stupid. Lol. But i guess I'm also stupid for working with these people. I just can't leave at the moment because they haven't found a replacement yet for the would-be-leaving-teacherSS (and one of them is me! XD) Anyhow,i'll be out of that jail in a matter of time. So anyways enough about that!! I'll just enjoy my stay there for the time being. end.

Next. To leave or not to leave.

I'm torn between leaving the country or staying behind. Well it's not yet sure that i'll be leaving (because hell i haven't submitted my resume to my aunt yet) but i'm just exhausting all the possibilities. Yes, i know if i work abroad i'll be much more compensated than what the schools here has to offer, but my dilemma is, will i be happy with just that? Am i ready to teach foreign students who have different customs, values, norms and lifestyle than mine? Can i handle the pressure? Hahaha. I guess i really have to have an experience teaching in a formal school first here in the Philippines,then that's where i'll settle the matter at hand. I want to be able to teach in college,that's why i'm planning to take my masters maybe after 2 or 3 years. my dream is to teach in UP, or UST. Quite some dream right? Well it wouldn't hurt to try i guess. Lol

I still have some thoughts left in my head,but maybe i'll just reserve it for the next post. I have to go to sleep now,or else i'll be freaking late again tomorrow!

Mr.Admin,sorry again! ^^

just what the hell is this  

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After watching this video several times (just to make sure that my first impression would stay), I would have to conclude that this video and everything in it sucks, and that I might start hating about it.  As for those people who do not know, this is Terry Kennedy, a
professional skateboarder from Baker/Deathwish. I do not know what is
in his mind when they decided they have to film this, as some viewers
(even myself) found it a bit ridiculous.

What's with this flysociety? Nah, I don't know. And I don't know either what they're trying to prove in this video. After reading a bit, I found out that this is after all, the brainchild of Terry Kennedy (well, it is obvious, isn't it?) and Jeremy Rogers. Both of them are really awesome skaters, and I respect them for who they are, but it would be best if they would just keep on skating and not making a fool out of themselves making videos such as this (sorry TK), and saying gibberish such as "Big money, Big cars, who the f*ck you think we are?". We are all aware of how society perceives skaters, especially here in the Philippines where I grew up. Skaters were treated and looked upon as bums, drug-addicts, poor, dirty smoking kids, public enemies and a million worth of hate words, but hey, it's no reason to brag for whatever you have and act like G wannabes.

In the States, they have successfully altered the perception of people about skateboarding, all thanks to Tony Hawk and all the other pros who have proved that skaters can be superstars as well, by making it big and releasing a video game that is all the rage up until these days.

But this video is different: it's just way too American and I think that's what I hate about it. I remember reading something at Transworld Skateboarding a few years back about the difference of American skateboarders and European skateboarders in the editorial. It's such a shame that I couldn't find that specific magazine at this moment so I could do some quotations. But here's a gist of what is says: It says that American skateboarders don't care about anything other than bragging about their bling-blings, their cars, their money, clothing and etc. (exactly what this vid is saying) and on the other hand, European skaters tend to be leftist, what they mean by that is that they are more politically inclined.

What I particularly hate about this video is that it encourages skaters to act like Gs or Americans who brag almost about everything. I am almost sure that when a couple of skaters here gets to watch this, they're going to think it's cool and they would be infatuated with the song. Next thing we know, we can't distinguish gangsters from skaters. lol.

Sugar Weed  

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In swirving walls of dehydrated tongue you laugh.
Your world spins as you lay still.
With dirty minds and endless thoughts you crawl.
Blurred sightings of unknown images are seen.
Souls and spirits inside those belly screams.
It leaves you cold as you long for stomach fillers.
Your drowsy eyes sees something so fast that you really didn't see anything.
You lay there...

more like a link than a blog post  

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Well, yes. I am just here to promote another social networking site that is not as 'traditional' nor 'conventional' as other social networking sites that you have grown tired of.

Plurk is what I am talking about: a site where you plurk. Or rather, Plurk is a social journal for your life.
Well, not really a blog, but a good combination of blog and the 'traditional-social-networking' stuff. It is fun, trust me! You earn karma points, and you unlock characters and smileys. I'm out of words at the moment, 'cause I'm about to sleep, so check it out for yourself. You can register here.

Let's go Plurk! lol.

Tear- Jerker.  

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You can view the video by clicking this.


It's not my fault that I belong:)  

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I'm stupid for doing this, really :)

Anne, cara, amyll, alex, flor, maine, janna, kat, kat, marian, ruelin, pleia.

Well, as what my 'cheers for them' blog entry says, they are my closest friends. And I am really proud of them.

So, going back, I am stupid for doing this mainly because I just said that I won't say anything regarding that particular issue. Haha. Well, since there isn't anything I'm bound to do tonight, I guess I could give a brief statement about this.

Just tonight, I found out from the girl's former closest friend, that she said that I am the one who chooses my friends and that I am choosing them based on their coolness factor, or as how the former bff stated it as 'matataas na tao'.

And that really made me laugh.

Just to clear things, though I don't have to explain anything to anyone, just for the sake of having this blog entry finished, I never went down on my knees and begged them to take me as their friend.

It is more like this, actually, it's just like ending up on a fork after a long drive. I decided to take on the left turn and, by fate, they decided to take the left side, as well. It's not as if I stopped in the middle of it and waited for them to reach their decision. We have the same interests on things and those things are what's keeping us together. It has always been the source of the invisible rope that binds us together.

Another thing, we never demand anything on each other and it's what 's essential in our friendship. In planning reunions, we never get mad to whoever can't make it. We never curse each other. If someone doesn't want to listen, we never force them to. We accept the fact that God gave us all the gift of intellect and free will. We can choose our own paths and, we all have different view on things.

I just don't like the idea of her including them on the issue that's why I am standing up for them. This is the last post about that crap. I know better than to be provoked by her:)


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I render the value of Black and White.
In my little head of colors and lines.
My hands made form of many complex feelings inside my chest.
A lot of whites turning tints.
A lot of blacks turning shades.
A lot of greys turning tones.
My works are subdued.
Strong interpretations are neutralized for self expression.
I'm not loud although inside I am.
Changes in me dances as they wait to come out.
They're turning me in.
I am.
A strong and vivid color.

Si Durog  

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Sa magulo't maduming mundo ng parasitismo lumaki si Durog, kung kaya't lumaking matatag. Bata pa lamang siya'y bihasa na sa suntukan, isang larong kinalakihan sa pampublikong paaralan. Elementarya pa lamang ay marunong nang magsugal, at kasing dumi ng kinalakihan ang bukambibig ng bata. Lasenggero, sugarol, alak at baraha ay pang-araw-araw na tanawin sa mundong ginagalawan. Isang lasenggero at isang sugarol ang tumatayong ama at ina.

Sumali sa isang samahan, asul ang kulay. Ang kanilang layunin: itaob ang kaaway, mga pula. Walang naiintindihan si Durog dito, o kahit sino sa kanyang mga kasama. Basta ang layunin: Gapiin ang kaaway at makilala. Marami pang masasabi sa buhay ni Durog, kung hindi sa balang nakabaon ngayon sa kanyang ulo.

Mga Multong Pangako  

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Ang pagtulong ay hindi lamang ginagawa sa oras ng eleksyon. Kung gusto talaga nating makatulong sa ating kapwa ay dapat sinisimulan na natin ito kahit walang eleksyong magaganap. Ang ilan sa atin ay tumatakbo lang sa eleksyon upang magkapera at sinisimulan lamang nila ang pagtulong sa kapwa na hindi ko malaman kung bokal ba iyon o kasama lang iyon sa pagtakbo sa eleksyon, at ang ilang kandidato nga ay parang Santa Claus kapag oras ng eleksyon dahil sa pamimigay ng kung anu-anong bagay na wala namang kinalaman sa pulitika at napakagaling mangako ng "kaunlaran" at ng "pagbabago". Kapag nakaupo na sila ay hindi na kayo kilala. Nakakalungkot malaman na paulit ulit lamang ang nangyayari kapag oras ng eleksyon. Kawawang mga mamamayan na nagbabayad ng buwis at ang buwis na kanilang ibinabayad ay napupunta lamang sa bulsa ng mga nakaupo sa puwesto na dapat sana ay napupunta sa pagpapagawa ng mga kalsada, tulay at mga pailaw na proyekto. Kawawang mga mamamayan na umaasa sa mga multong pangako.

yes, a sprinkle is more than enough:)  

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Sometimes, life gets a little freaky for everyone. Like, suddenly you've turned into something less like you before. One day, you'll just outgrow certain characteristics that had helped you a damn whole lot in the past. People changes. And in that way, they begin to choose the things which they think would suit them best.

We are all different from each other and those differences are what makes this world a good place to stay into. Take, for example, a world wherein all the residences are just saying YES to everything. In my opinion, it is a hundred times worse than a world full of wars.

Going back, we are all different, therefore, no one should ask you to do anything on their behalf. We are free to have our own choices. If, granted our choices, we turn bad in the eyes of others, well, that is one thing that we have to live through. No one who lives in this world right now or ever is perfect in every set of human eyes. Someone would always have something against you, no matter how saint- like you may act.

The greatest solution?

I think it is to set your own rules upon yourself. Perfect every angle of your complicated life before you start messing the complex lives of others.

Live in your own world first. Patch up every tiny hole of your imperfections and, when you're done tidying up your mess, which I doubt would ever happen, then go help patch up the imperfect world of others.

I never really believed that peace would ever be attained anywhere. But maybe, just one big MAYBE, this one little act might be able to spread even just a sprinkle of peace around us. :)

Back off, plagiarist.  

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Writers have different fields where they excel into. You could see it probably everywhere- in the newspapers particularly and mostly on their blog entries. Maybe it is because they can't expect every single soul in this world to just dwell on the informative stuffs. They're bound to search for something more appealing to them. Gossips, mean stuffs, and the things that could add a little something to their searching minds. Therefore, we decided to have this:

It is actually a site that is continually being worked on by five contributors, including me. What we want is to have a blog site where the five of us could write whatever we wish to. Therefore, in this site, you could freely read the thoughts of 5 different individuals, written in their own genres.

Though everyone might have their own internet connections at home, we cannot expect everyone to have their own multiply accounts or any other social networking sites same us ours. So, we decided to place it all in here. A site where everyone could visit and read what we have in our minds.

Just a little reminder, though.

We're giving you the freedom to read our posts but, you're not allowed to steal them. If you so badly love our works, quote us. Don't pretend to be good.

Go on, enjoy being under the spotlight:)  

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I've always been an active blog composer and most of my posts usually end up being viewed in heaps.

It's just a matter of liking what you do, I guess. We all shine best when we do what we like most and probably in writing is where I get to find myself under the spotlight.

There's this one issue and, probably some are already wondering why I never even posted anything regarding on my side.

It's actually as simple as this.

I'm giving her the chance to be under the spotlight. I let her post whatever she wants to. I let her open up whatever feeling she wants to express.

For in the end, we neither would gain nor lose anything.

So why would I bother myself trying to look really bitter over anything, right? I wouldn't want to lose the respect that my friends have in me.

So, I really wouldn't post anything after this one. Besides, why would I, if I am not even affected? I'll jut waste my time and thoughts over that one.

Besides, I never betray friends. I never say bad things about them behind my back. And from that point, I already know that I am much more credible.

gone, but not forgotten.  

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a stronger evidence of a former discovery has dawned upon me,yet again.


"Closing your eyes isn't going to change anything. Nothing's going to disappear just because you can't see what's going on. In fact, things will be even worse the next time you open your eyes. That's the kind of world we live in, Mr Nakata. Keep your eyes wide open. Only a coward closes his eyes. Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won't make time stand still." – Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami

ouch. another hard-hitting slap on my face. another bite of reality.

well, what can i do? i'm just a little dot on a big white paper. life will always be bigger than who and what i am. that's a fact. that's life. deaths and taxes and heartbreaks and lies and changes are inevitable. no one can ever REALLY run away. you can hide for all you want, yes. but for how long? there is no other way but to face it. HEAD ON COLLISION. accept it. MOVE ON.

since i am the melancholic type, things are never really easy to deal with. BUT, i'm fighting it. and i'm exhausting all my efforts. and i don't want to see these efforts go to waste.

i remember this local celebrity i have seen being interviewed on TV after ending her 8-year relationship with her boyfriend. no,it's not what you think. i don't watch those crappy talk shows who only know how to gossip about other people's lives and make things worse. i just happen to see the interview because a housemate was watching while i was on the computer. so enough about that. i just wanted to quote what she said:

"yes,it's true. me and [insert name of boyfriend] have parted ways. i won't deny it, [name of talk show host]. i've kept my silence for a period of time because i think that it's my own problem, and i have to deal with it by myself. i admit it was really difficult for the both of us, but that's how it is. i don't openly show my emotions to the people around me because i thought, hey if i feel sad or worse or suicidal or anything, why would i let the people around me share my grievances while they're enjoying their lives? why would i bring them down together with me? why would i spoil these people's happiness just because i feel miserable, just because i have my own concerns that i am trying to deal with? it just seem unfair on their part,doesn't it?" when i'm with my co-actors/actresses, or my family, or my friends, i do my best to enjoy and live at the moment. i don't want to think about my problem. i mean, i already feel worse, then why would i resort myself to listening to those sentimental songs that only makes me think more about the gravity of my situation? that makes me feel even more burdened? there is no other person other than me who could help me bring myself up back again and go on with life. i think about happy thoughts, or how great it is to wake up in the morning, or how beautiful life is, that there are still a lot of good things and ample reasons to continue with my life. if i can't take the pain anymore, then i'll have a quiet time alone and pray to God. i pray a LOT. i have to deal with it, and eventually outlive it." - local Filipino celebrity

there's no harm in grieving, or being sad, or miserable, or lonely. but i know that too much of something is bad enough to ruin someone's life, or so the Spice Girls said. everything's tough, but i HAVE to be tougher. and wiser. and more optimistic. NO MATTER WHAT. bitterness and grudges excluded.

i will always remember this. i will always remember everything that happened. situations and people change through time, but memories don't.

"photos are better than nothing, but things are better than photos 'cause the things themselves were part of what was there." -Black Swan Green, David Mitchell

Random Linux Post  

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"'Free software' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of "free" as in 'free speech,' not as in 'free beer.'"

                                                                                             - The GNU Software Definition

       We all grew up using one Operating System, and I am pretty sure that the new blood still does. Maybe not all of us, but at least in my generation, at least 99.8% grew up using one Operating System. And yes, I am referring to Microsoft Windows.
       Personally, I do not have any problem with Microsoft Windows. I grew up using it and Macintosh, but I've only used Macintosh in my early years, as far as I remember, when I was still in Grade 2. It was a lot easier to use as compared to Windows, for it uses a lot of graphics, unlike Windows which tends to focus on words and phrases. Windows offers clear explanation for each, though nothing beats that power of imagery and intuitive icons. If I am not mistaken, Macintosh has first introduced the Graphical User Interface or the GUI, for I remember my mom back in the days using Windows 3.1. It uses Command Line Interface and I remember using a Mac computer then which already has a black and white GUI.
       You might be wondering by now why I am talking about these two Operating Systems when I should be explaining why I switched over to a new one which only a few people knows that such OS exists. Well these  two OS are the most popular and people find it peculiar why I switched over to a "not-so-popular" OS, at least on where I live. Most reaction I get from people is a smirk, followed by "Is it easy to use Linux? Some people said they had a hard time using it" and such, and some people even look at it as inferior as compared to Microsoft and Macintosh and they are really skeptical when it comes to performance. Well, here's my defense.
       The notion that Linux is hard to use is like 20 summers ago. Some people still refer to Linux as a pure Command Line Interface OS, and does not have a good GUI like the two popular OS I have mentioned above. If you are still under that impression, you might be living under a rock for decades! I could say that Linux has better GUI than any OS I have used because it gives you choices. What do I mean? Instead of the usual taskbar with Start menu with icons on the desktop or the clean desktop with a familiar dock, in Linux, there are several Desktop Environments that you could choose from, each of them has an array of features that is suited to your preference or hardware. For instance, there is the traditional GNOME desktop environment which is common on most Linux distributions. There is also the K Desktop Environment or KDE which is targeted to new Linux users who are well accustomed in using Microsoft Windows. Plus there is also the XFCE desktop environment which is becoming popular in the past few months. It is an extremely lightweight desktop environment which could bring an old computer to life, for the applications that are bundled with it uses less memory consumption and requires less processing speed. There are endless customizations that could be done on each of the desktop environments I have mentioned and you won't get bored; you can get the look that you want and need. And, you won't ever have to go into suspicious sites again looking for cracks and or syndicated Serial Numbers for your software since everything is free in Linux. Well, almost all are free, only a few programmers charge for their programs and they come real cheap if they does.
       Speaking of cracks, well in Linux, you don't need them so no need to bother. I know some of us ( and I should say a lot of us here ) have used pirated software, pirated OS and all things that are not that legal and I should say I grew tired of it. It's like this: Why would I use such commercial OS when I cannot really afford it? I mean how much is OS X or Vista these days? That's only the core OS, how about additional productivity software, which are sold separately? Being street smart, we could always manage to get some "cracked" or "stripped" or worst "pirated" versions, but come on, show the programmers some respect. They certainly need the money that's why they chose to work there. And why count on them if there are ones out there who are willing to make authentic software for all of us to enjoy for free? All they need is support. And they are going to support us back.
       Another thing that made me switch to Linux is speed. I know, this statement of mine might trigger a lot of grunts and "Come on"s from a lot of people since they believe that the computer's hardware is responsible for that, meaning that if you have a great specs, then it would be great with any OS and vice versa. Well that might be true, but I am sure that a new Windows box would run like a charm the first few days and then after a week or so, it will start to lag and faster boot times might then be noticeable. It is caused by the fact that there are thousands of viruses and worms known in Microsoft, while there are only around 400 known viruses in Linux and Mac OS. That's just a rough estimate.
        Add all those useless services (programs that run in the background) that came installed in Windows XP and you'll get a boot time close to five minutes. Well...
       The Support system of Linux is really interesting. Instead of calling a number and paying for Tech Support Representatives, all you have to do to get support is to have an internet connection. In Linux, you get support from the user community and not from hired technical people. You just need to register in your distribution's community forum and fire your questions their. Help would be there in 1-2 hours time, and in several week's time, you'll see yourself gaining familiarity with the Linux distribution that you have chosen and you'll see yourself hanging out in the community forums, helping newcomers out.
       There are a lot of great things I could mention about Linux, but let me clarify things out: Linux is just the kernel used, and not the OS. A kernel together with the bundled software makes a so called distribution. Those distributions that uses the Linux kernel are Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, OpenSUSE and etc. Among the most famous are Ubuntu, as they said it is the most user friendly and I have to admit that it has a great community. Personally, I use Fedora, not because Linus Torvalds himself and all the computers at NASA uses it, but I guess I just got used at using it and I feel uncomfortable using any other distributions.
       Linux and Open Source OS and applications seems to be more popular now than ever due to the sudden boom of netbooks and other low priced portable devices that comes with Linux pre-installed.
To end this post, I would say that GNU/Linux would be the future of computing, it does not solely give us free software, it also gives everyone an idea of how everything works inside the box.


Sa Kubeta  

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Napatigil sa kinanatatayuan si Emong ng makita ang munting likha ng Diyos na tila'y nakadikit sa pader. Mabilis ang pagkalat ng kilabot sa katawan, dugong umaakyat sa ugat na tila ba kable ng kuryenteng iwinaksi sa payapang katawang tubig.

Mabilis ang daloy ng alaala sa utak ni Emong na binulabog ng kahindik-hindik na nakita. Wari ba'y ipinako ang paa sa kinatatayuan, patuloy na pinagmasdan ni Emong ang sanhi ng kanyang pag-aalala. Kasing haba ng maraming mga paa nito ang lalim ng kanyang bawat hinga.

Alam niyang hindi muna siya makapapasok sa silid na ito: Hangga't sariwa sa kanyang diwa ang imahe ng malaking gagambang naka-dikit sa pader.

Bodom Lake Murders  

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       I can't think of doing anything yesterday. Plus there are always days like yesterday when, even with the vast web of the internet and everything that it has to offer, I can't think of doing anything with it. Have I checked all my social networking accounts? Yes. Have I checked my accounts at Tribal Wars? Yes. Have I read all my RSS feeds? Hell yes. Have I checked my posts on all the forums on where I exist? Yes. Have I opened my E-mail client? Yes. Even with all of these done, the irritating presence of what to do still hounds me and would not go even after watching some interesting clips from YouTube, the nasty feeling of searching or rather contemplating on what to do productively still remains.
       So I just thought I'd research something about one of my favorite bands. I am listening to Blood Stain Child at the moment, and whichever music site I go, fans of Children of Bodom spams and claims that Blood Stain Child is a Children of Bodom rip-off. Personally, I think they are not and besides they no longer sound like COB these days, rather they have a new and unique style which is like blending Nu Metal, Melodic Death Metal and Trance.
       I decided instead to take on Children of Bodom. What exactly is Bodom? Haven't read that when I have researched Goetia last week. And why are they Children of Bodom? Nah, no idea. What is the song Bodom Beach Terror from their Hatecrew Deathroll album all about? So this is a good opportunity, I thought.
       I already know before that Children of Bodom is from Finland. So what I did is my so called "dumb-and-quick-way-to-research" method which is basically using Google and typing Children of Bodom there. I know Googling is not that efficient way to research things and my Research would surely kill me if it found out about it, but hey, I am free to do whatever I want now.
       After skimming a few hits from the search engine, I finally found out about this Bodom Lake Murders which took place in Bodom Lake which could be found on Espoo, Finland. It happened in 1960, but it is still popular in Finland as of this time, since the suspect is not yet found. It says in the sources that whenever news or new rumors or theories about it spreads, it would surely be on the news that day. Yes, you are correct. That's where Children of Bodom is from. The place is a couple of kilometers away from Helsinki.
       So what's the deal about it? Well on June 4, 1960, four teenagers decided to camp on Lake Bodom, then from what I found out, at around 4am to 6am, an unknown person or persons attacked the campers, killing three of them with multiple knife stabs and bludgeoning and then seriously wounding the sole survivor. There are so many theories about it, and last 2004, the sole survivor, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson was arrested for he became suspect. He was acquitted of all charges on October 7, 2005. You could find precise information here, here and here.
       Now I know what Bodom is, and I founf out that Children of Bodom usually compose 2-3 songs per album about the Bodom Lake Murders. That's it for now. I just remembered I need to do the plates. lol.

may pagbabago pa bang makakamtan?  

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Ikaw, sa pagtulog mo, naranasan mo na bang maalimpungatan at mapatingin sa labas ng iyong bintana at maisip na, bakit ngayon ko lang naisip at bakit hindi kahapon? At sa pagtingin mo bang iyon ay naamoy mo ang karahasang dulot ng bulok na sistema ng ating bayan? Sana sa muli mong pagbangon ay may pagbabago namang maganap.

random is what we aim for  

Posted by ArsCariosus in

Okay, never mind that crappy title. I just can't think of anything, but I've got some news. I decided it would be fun to add contributors to this blog, which are members of Kanin Baboy Crew, anyway. They are Carlock Rascal, sheknowsnothing and former member Jhessa Vicious. As you can see, we all have different fields of interest and tastes, as well as influences so you can expect random stuff to be filling this blog in no time.

Also, we are filming KBC's first decent skate vid, and basically, that's keeping us busy at the moment. Well, enough of this.


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