Congratulations, Wong!  

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Congratulations to Raymond "Wong" Lorenzana for making it in the International Team of FKD Bearings! Cheers!

You could check FKD Bearings website for more info.


The Gago Boys ripping local spots  

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Aloha Boardsports released this in their Facebook account today. It is a three minute video of Ryan DeCenzo, Chris Haslam, Cairo Foster, Cooper Wilt and Paul Sharp ripping the local spots.

hatak ng kamalayan  

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Wala sa plano ko ang magsulat ngayon sa lahat ng "blogging sites" na meron ako,pero dahil sa iilang mga kadahilanan,eto ako ngayon at gumagawa ng bagong sulatin.

At bakit ba Tagalog na Tagalog ang talatang ito? Nais ko lamang. "For a change", ika nga nila. May masama ba doon? Mahalin ang sariling wika. Iyon naman talaga ang lengguwaheng kinalakihan ko,hindi ba? :)

Tama na sa paligoy. Bakit ba ako napadpad dito ngayon? Simple. May mga bagay na bumabagabag sa akin at gusto nilang kumawala sa aking isipan,naghahanap ng kasagutan,kung meron man. Isa na dito ay ang isyu ng aking karakter. Ang karakter na nakikita ng mga tao sa paligid ko.

Ako ay matatawag ng ganap na nasa edad sa gulang kong bente-uno. Pero para sa ibang taong inilalagay ang katauhan ko sa isang bote,isa lamang ang hugis nito. At ang mga iyon ay binabase nila sa mga bagay na nakikita nilang ginagawa o kinahihiligan ko. Huwag kang mag-alala,hindi ako isang pariwara kung iyon ang nasa isip mo. Hindi naman masama ang aking mga hilig,sa aking pananaw. Hindi lang siguro karaniwan ang mga ito. Marahil hindi lamang ako sanay na sumunod sa kung ano ang uso. Ang makisakay sa konbesyon na nananaig sa komunidad ay hindi ko gusto. Maraming pagkakataon na ang dumaan kung saan ako ay na-kuwestiyon kung bakit ko ginagawa ang mga iyon. Eto din ang aking katanungan:

Sakaling malaman niyo man ang mga dahilan kung bakit ako ganito at kung bakit ko ginagawa ang mga ginagawa ko,anong klaseng benepisyo ang maidudulot nito sa inyong buhay? Kung yayaman kayo at magiging sikat, o di kaya naman ay magkakamit ng kaalaman na tiyak na makakatulong sa inyo, mabuti. Masaya akong makatulong kung gayon. Pero kung ginagawa niyo lamang ito para matahin o kutyain ang ano mang aspeto ng pagkatao ko na nakikita niyo, ako ay lubos na nalulungkot. Isa lamang itong pag-aaksaya ng oras at panahon na maaari niyo sanang gamitin sa mas makabuluhang mga bagay na tiyak kong mas magbibigay ng adbentahe at kaunlaran sa inyong hinaharap. 

Wala akong pakialam sa kung ano man ang nais niyong isipin. Kung ako ay isang sira-ulo, durugista, rebelde, o salot ng lipunan, bahala ang iyong isipan at pang-unawa na humusga. Bigyan mo ng buhay ang bahagi ng aking katauhan na nakatatak sa iyong kaisipan. Hindi ako nabuhay para kamtin ang hangarin ng ibang tao, o pasayahin sila sa pamamagitan ng bulag na pagsang-ayon sa kanilang mga kabalbalan. 

"Ang latang walang laman,maingay."


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It wasn't really my style to disclose whatever thoughts I have in mind. May it be about issues,people,my environment,you name it. For one reason or another,I'd rather keep them to myself,especially if it concerns those people of which I have established connections of the so-called friendship.

I just felt the need to "talk" today. And so this entry was written.

As i was absentmindedly replying to private messages and plurks,this same time last year suddenly struck me. Then i asked myself, "What have I become after a year of graduating from the academic world?" And the answer shot back at me as fast as it had hit me like a bullet. "Well here you are right now,an English tutor/internet junkie." Is this what I have become? What about my college friends? Where are they right now? I could only do so much as wonder.

Come to think of it. I guess time was really given the gift of invisible wings. People whom you think you know well before suddenly change into strangers in just a matter of time, or yet, in the blink of an eye. And so I have learned the hard way not to cling too much to such people because after all,it will be each to his own in the end. A sad truth indeed. 

I remember being a different person as well this same time last year. Not really different. I guess you could say the "emotion" I felt was what made it different. I was in a state of too much euphoria back then. It was overwhelming,yes. A lot of things had happened. I haven't as much as talked about this for quite some time now,and maybe there are some who would like to ask, "What about now?" My answer is, I'm very much alive and undergoing an overall state of progression and eventually,Rebirth. 

For if i still happen to have feelings for that person, I guess it wouldn't matter now.

And while i'm writing this blog it will be 3 days from now before the effectivity of my renouncement as an English tutor in the academy. I can't quite explain how i feel. Happy and sad at the same time,maybe. It will all have to settle on Wednesday. Freedom, at last is within my reach. 

"When it rains, it pours."

--I'm hoping to write here often soon and be a lot more ORGANIZED of my ideas. Thanks for this opportunity to post Mr.Admin. :)

Makati Skate Spotting  

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I could see all four of them, walking in the distance, drenched in sweat. From here, I could somehow smell the sheer sourness of their shirts which in fact, is not caused by their perspiration alone. What cologne or perfume they have or how they washed their clothes surely have played a major part in the smell that reeked their clothes.

John approached me first, all excited, not even allowing me to open my mouth as he spoke with cluttering words:

"Oh, what happened man? I really thought you would be able to come with us. It was really great- Toks showed us all the spots in Makati during the late 80's and the 90's, you wouldn't believe what natural obstacles we have there! There were all sorts of hips, easy handrails, stairs, tall ledges- you name it dude. He even showed us what was then called the K-Grind; a famous spot in Bel-Air Makati during the mid 90's. The only hassle were the security guards as usual, as they always gets in the way. But there's enough time to pop some tricks before they come at your direction and spoil the..."

I took a glance beside me and saw them resting on the gutter. All three of them were shit tired, well, aside from John who seemed to be hyped at the fact that I was not able to come. He goes on with what he's saying, non-stop:

" Man, you should've seen Kari and Ajhay busting sick tricks over the stairs, doing grabs and various flip tricks, see them bail and roll and us laughing for hours. And you sholdn't have missed Toks doing a noseslide on that mean ledge, man, it was really high and he managed to slam his torso on his first try, and saw me stumble on my backside 50-50 on the stairs as well! Man, you should've come with us.

And surprisingly, his mouth stopped, and his excitement disappeared.

"Isn't that what the photos and the video is for?," I just asked him nonchalantly.

part from an unfinished short story  

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To see Jim smirk like that was one of the most disappointing things to say the least. So I just sauntered back to where I've been, like I've always did and spent a great deal of time there. After spending precious time just staring at nothing and mind racing, I decided to go back to where we were then.

He's still there and his imminent image, holding a cigarette with the smoke curlicues spiraling to nowhere. How long has he been staring from one element of the room to another, no one knows. Perhaps as long as my period of absence from this place?

I stood there, waiting for recognition. Still, he continues to contemplate on what to write and whatnot, and still not an idea that I have arrived. I'm watching him do his routine- look on one object, drag his cigarette and nod in agreement, as though he has come to a deal with his mad mind. Sometimes, he would do some weird hand gestures, still ignoring my presence.

I've known him for quite some time and thus came the feeling that if I do not announce my presence, it could go on for hours like this: he lost in his crazy but silent mind ramblings, as if he's been in a mind rage, and me scrutinizing his every gestures.

“Hey, I've returned,” was all I mustered up, in a vague attempt to make conversation.

Jim's unpredictability is so surreal, that at times, you couldn't just read him. Instead of ignoring me and continuing in his intellectual haze, he looked as me as though he haven't seen me in a while and then spoke:

“Great, now that your here once more, I've just thought of this thing that needed your attention the most,” he said in his excited tone, and on we went on discussing what he thinks about what, and other various things.

it all goes uphill from here  

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Rasheed Al Rasheed

Jonathan "Otie" Tipan

Jeff Gonzales

The local skateboarding scene is almost on its peak to success; gone were the days when skateboarders around the country were generally looked upon as bums, drug addicts, loiterers and dirty kids. Now, pretty much like in the US, skaters here are gaining attention and are now treated as athletes, something that Tony Hawk proved way, way back. Professional skaters from various skate companies are taking turns in performing demos here lately, and if there is something that we would like to thank, it would be the people behind these demos; everyone that works real hard for the local skate scene. These up and coming young skaters are living proof that skateboarding is now at an all time high in the Philippines. In case you haven't read my previous post, Will Santiago is almost done with his new video, Making Haste, which features these skaters. You could watch the trailer here.

Will Santiago's Making Haste trailer released  

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While searching for news about what's been happening on the local skate scene, I happened to chance by this trailer from Will Santiago. Not unless you've been living under a huge rock for some time now, I'm pretty sure you've heard about him, or even saw him doing what he does best: making history by documenting the local skate scene.

With Ansey Flores, Jeff Gonzales, DonDon Villela, Lynell Basinal, Rasheed Al Rasheed and other known skaters on the local scene hitting the streets and shredding the rails of Metro Manila (and other places), not to mention MTV Host Victor Basa narrating, this video is sure to make you stoked and make you, well, go skate once it's released.


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