If you opened any of my recent blog posts, OPEN THIS AS WELL.  

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I posted just one new blog entry a while ago. Yes, just one. It just so happened that Multiply's Import Blogs shit super sucks so, it ended up as a real disaster.

I post most of my blogs on my OWN blogger account before I upload them here on Multiply. What I do to spare me the trouble of having to copy then paste everything here is to just use the import application here on Multiply. Unfortunately, it turned out that if I use it, there'll be more trouble.

Before I posted that particular blog entry of mine (entitled 'Hate Mail'), I carefully unchecked all the other blog entries that are on my blogger account, leaving only that blog, checked. I turned off my laptop and went for a nap. When I woke up a while later, I opened my Multiply account and found out, to my great horror, that I flooded the inbox with blog entries. Half of which, aren't mine.

How's that possible?

If you read one of my posts from a long, long time ago, I am one of the 5 contributors of the http://kaninbaboycrew.blosgpot.com site. So, when the Import Blog Entries application here on Multiply failed, it automatically uploaded almost half of the blogs that were on that site, regardless of whether I wrote it or not, just because I am a contributor on that site.

I apologize for any trouble that it had caused you, in any way. It won't happen again for I definitely won't use that sick Import Blogs shit. It is very troublesome.


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