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I woke up this morning and realized that I can't maintain most of my accounts anymore. It's getting pretty hard to look for my close friends at some sites. Also, to be honest, I'm never patient with going through those stuffs. I do have friends in those sites but, I don't know them personally. Mostly, they are not Filipinos. It's a little different without my friends to go and review my works so, as much as possible, I want to keep them posted everytime.

So, for everyone here in Multiply, if you have an account in any of these, please do add me. Thank you. :)



SKYPE: mikeejessica
YM: jhessa2003

I rarely, rarely use my Friendster account mainly because the crowd there gets pretty annoying after some time. They keep sending messages which are really unimportant and useless.

I treat my blogger account as my mostly used site because I keep everything there. Also, among all of my accounts, it is there that you can find all of my blog entries.


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