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October 1, 2009. The day when I read one of the most heartbreaking words in my life.. ='(

"Kuya xandy mo to, sori faye dustin passed away last Tuesday. Wala nman cya sakit di nman cya nagsuka o nagtae, tlgang d na nagkain bigla kc parang na stress cya sa mga anak ni schiver inaaway nia lahat pg lumalapit cla. Kya parang nag suicide na c dustin... Magmula ng umalis na kau nalungkot na cya..."

I don't know what to say.. Or what to do.. I just broke down into tears.. When I received a text message from my aunt telling me that Dustin is sick, I immediately told my mom to bring him to the vet as soon as I send the money on Monday. But it has of no value anymore.. It was too late. ='(

As I am typing this blog post, I can't help the tears from falling down.. I miss dustin, I miss schiver.. Everyday I am looking forward to 2011, to see my family and my friends, and our dogs.. But Dustin wasn't able to wait for me and my sister anymore.. He was with us for more than 3 years. He was with us through thick and thin. A very vigilant and sweet dog indeed. And I still can't believe that he is gone. Forever. I feel really awful. So much more than sad.. My heart was truly broken...

We will miss you, Dustin. ='(


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