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Well. I guess the ton of school's work is getting at me again. Even when the school year is almost over and done with. Why do we have to work anyway? Yeah, I get it. Money and social status is as important as breathing nowadays. Especially when we are experiencing a "global crisis. Or should I say "they"? Global crisis of wealthy countries, to be exact. I admire those people who can live a simple life with a minimal amount of stress. Without having to worry about whether they'll be able to pay their credit cards or if they can have a luxurious trip to Hawaii. What is it about being filthy rich or obnoxiously famous? That almost everyone is dying to have them. I guess its a matter of different perspective and goals.

I hope I am working towards that day when I will be brave enough to break-free from society's rigid, unbendable rules. Where everything seems monotonous and mundane. Where there is only "You MUST" or "You SHOULD" and no "You COULD". Where everyone else are like robots. Working to their limits and sometimes end up having nothing more than crumbs of bread. Is it not more important to comprehend life a bit more, its funny tricks and absurdities more than be absorbed in the vision and mission of your company? Is it not more satisfying to discover ancient truths than be wary of how you will look reputable and clever? I want to live a life where I am the boss, the manager, and the employee. Working on my own accord. No worries about deadlines or meetings. A life where I can read all day, sleep all I want, play loud music, write whenever I can, explore the vast universe I am in. Meet and mingle with different kinds of people. Appreciate the little things. I am almost certain that it will give me one hell of a ride.

Who cares about the rules, by the way? >:) We are meant to break them. Haha.


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First time to write after so many years. these past few days something is bothering me, it keeps me awake during the night. hard to sleep, very hard to sleep. hehe. I'm just wondering if all the people that i met in the previous years of my life, do they still know me or even remember me when we cross path one day. Specially those friends of mine that i haven't seen for a long time. Can they still be called friends? It would be wonderful to see someone from the past and they still know you. Good memory maybe. Even meeting your former classmates is a good thing. Sharing things that you experienced after the all those years that you haven't seen each other. I miss those days, I even look on the class pictures that i have when i was in my elementary years. I feel these mix emotion happiness, sadness. its nice to reminisce those things, your childhood sweetheart, your first enemy. haha. your teachers, class clowns, nerds, future architects ( they are the one's who excel in drawing subjects. haha ), teacher's pet, sleepy heads, name them all. But still there are some people who easily forgets, you just haven't seen each other for a couple of years and then ta-da, you've been eradicated to his/her memory. haha. but it's not their fault if

they don't know you anymore, maybe that's how life works. But from time to time its not bad to look back and remember those old days with all the people that you met. Every time I remember those things I always ask myself, "Do they still know me?", "How much have they changed since i last saw them?", "Is my teacher still alive? (evilgrin) haha".

All i can say is, you should never forget those people that you've met specially those people that give a greater meaning to this world that we call life.:) yeah! haha.


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Read. Absorb. Practice. You just might need a little dose of these, who knows? :)

"10 Principles for Peace of Mind"

1. Do not interfere in other's business unless asked.

2. Forgive and forget.

3. Do not crave for recognition.

4. Do not be jealous.

5. Change yourself according to the environment.

6. Endure what cannot be cured.

7. Do not bite off more than you can chew.

8. Meditate regularly.

9. Never leave the mind vacant.

10. Do not procrastinate and never regret.


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I can still smell the charred casserole that I used to boil water for my tea. Stupid git, don't you think? I totally forgot about it, went back to my room and fell asleep. The next thing I knew I can smell something burning. I jolted awake from my bed and ran towards the kitchen. Good heavens, there was still someone awake and surfing the internet at the kitchen, saw the casserole smoking and turned it off. Now I am almost certain that I really cannot be left in the kitchen. I will surely burn the whole house down. Hahaha.

Well this is not about burnt casseroles, anyway. Lol. It was just a sideshow. For a start. :)

I had been too busy with work stuff lately. It occupies my attention and mind most of the time. I guess its normal for people who work in school, especially if your role on stage is a teacher. I've had the hang of this job, for the past 8 months that I had been teaching. But there are still times that I doubt whether I'm doing the right thing, or if I am at the right place. Only God holds the answers.

I was surfing multiple social networking sites before I fell asleep awhile ago, and I had a number of surprises from some people that I know of. I saw people's status shift from "Single" to "In a Relationship" to "Engaged" and now, "Married" together with the change of surnames, now added with those of their spouses. And there are also those whose status were "In a relationship" or "Engaged" and reverted back to "Single". Haha. I can't help but be amused by how fast time has flown way away out of different windows; without saying Goodbye or See you later, without a backward glance. They have served their purpose, their Shining moment, and it was time for them to end the show and be replaced by a new set of memories and histories yet to be unfolded. Time, as they say, is free but priceless; You can't own it, but you can use it; You can't keep it, but you can spend it; And once you've lost it, you can never get it back. So might as well make the most out of every time that you have. Laugh hard. Forgive and forget. Do crazy things. Love your enemies. Dance and sing when no one is watching. Make friends. Relinquish old ties. Carpe diem.

"Time is like a handful of sand - the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers."


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