121 Days of Sunshine  

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To the boy with green and brown eyes:

I could write you a hundred letters telling you how much I love you, how you make me laugh every time, how you hold my hand tight, how you kiss my forehead with such assurance that everything will be alright. But sometimes I have this feeling that even though the world has made a thousand words for me to tell you all these, it will never be enough. Its like how one appreciates a very beautiful sunset that leaves them speechless. They just know for themselves that its beyond words. Beyond human understanding. You might be a little jackass sometimes, but I still love the way you tell me how beautiful I am and how much you love me. You never failed to tell me that. All the time. And no man in my past relationships has ever done that before. That makes you a first. So how can I stay mad at you at times when you're being a jerk? I guess I just can't, not for long.

121 days. Way back when. I feel like it has been ages ago. A lot has happened, really. Everything, a treasure that will always remain in my memory. But now, I feel a little torn. Like my heart is starting to break into pieces. I'm doing my best to fight it, but I just can't because I know I'm dreading something. Not because you did something wrong, but because I know that the days of your stay here is starting to run out. Like an hour glass. Each little piece of grain that I can't stop from falling down. You know I'm happy, but at the same time now I feel sad. And heartbroken. But I want to be strong for us. I want this one to work out, so I made a vow to myself that I will do my very best. I hope its the same for you. There are not a lot of good things and relationships like ours, so I want this thing to last.

I want you to know that I really appreciate how you took care of me for the past 4 months, how you make the days happier. I could never thank you enough, I guess. Maybe I've told you a thousand times that I love you very much. But I want to tell you this again. You are one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me. You really are a Schatz that I hope I can keep for a long time. And.. I love you to the moon and back. =)

I know we can do this. Let's hope for the best. Everything will be alright, in the end.


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