Ten Days.  

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Creating a blog entry after work: My most effective stress-reliever.

I saw this 10-day challenge online and I wanted to try it. Although since I don't get to create entries as much as how I do before, I decided to do everything in one go instead of doing it day by day. :)

Here it goes:

1. Day ONE: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

a. We're fighting hell of a lot lately but I still can't stop caring for you. You know how we are. You move, I move. It's as if we're inseparable.
b. I am getting seriously attached to you. If you keep on being nice, what do you expect me to do? I will hurt myself by hurting you.
c. Shut your mouth. If your tongue's itching to speak, just take in calls. Essence of working in a call center.
d. I really cared for you as a sister. We never really had the most real friendship but I treasured it. I miss you.
e. Srsly, thank you.
f. I never really lived up to your expectations but I believe I never turned you down as badly as how I imagined I would. I know you're proud of me. I am proud of you, too. I love you.
g. He's using you. Open your eyes, please.
h. You're one of the kindest person I know. Don't change.
j. Learn how to let go. You can love two people at the same time, at different degrees but you can't keep them both at the same time.

2. Day TWO: Nine things about yourself.

a. I suffer from Herpetophobia. The worst thing that you can do to me is to have a lizard near me.
b. I am an eating machine when I want to. When I am not in the mood, though, I can go on without eating for a day.
c. I love animals more than I love people. That's the reason why I chose medical school over veterinary school. I can't handle a dying animal. My hands are going to be all shaky and I might cry more than the owner.
d. I know how to play the guitar. I am a bassist. I'm not good. I just know how to.
e. I laugh a lot. Even when everyone's over a joke, I still laugh my ass off.
f. I am boyish and girl-y in one. I wear cosmetics but I adore sweats, jeans and sneakers.
g. I am moody. Whaaaat? I am a girl. Deal with it.
h. Never argue with me. I won't stop till I win.
i. You can talk about me behind my back. Just don't let me catch you.

3. Day THREE : Eight ways to win your heart.

a. Be the perfect gentleman. I always say that I don't want those mushy stuff but when they happen, they melt my heart. I may not look happy but believe me, I'm just too shy to show it.
b. Talk to me first.
c. Let me make my own decisions but guide me to whatever is right, nonetheless.
d. If I sound too eager over something, don't contradict me.
e. Try to go with my mood swings. I know they're hell to deal with but that's how girls are, anyway. I'd appreciate it when you work on it with me.
f. Never force me to do anything I don't want to.
g. Never curse in front of me and scold me when I curse.
h. Don't let me cry in front of you.

4. Day FOUR: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

a. What will happen tomorrow?
b. Why do pets have to die really early?
c. Food.
d. What shall I do?
e. What went wrong?
f. Where do I go from here?
g. Sleep.

5. Day FIVE: Six things you wish you've never done.

a. Quit school for a semester.
b. Started drinking. Occasional or not, I wish I never learned how to drink.
c. Took Biology. Believe me, unless you really love that field, you wouldn't want to take that as your major.
d. Eat meat. Wish I grew up as a vegetarian.
e. Learn how to curse.
f. Date bad boys.

6. Day SIX : Five people who mean a lot to you.

a. mom
b. brother
c. boyfriend
d. best friend
e. you

7. Day SEVEN : Four turn- offs.

a. Smelly guys. I understand that you sweat a lot more than girls do but hygiene is important.
b. Creating unnecessary noise when eating. Gross.
c. Gossipers.
d. Jerks.

8. Day EIGHT : Three turn- ons.

a. Braces
b. If you have the strong yet pleasant smell of a man's perfume, you can definitely catch my attention.
c. Having the courage to change things that you can.

9. Day NINE: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

a. :))
b. :((
Life's like that always, anyway. Very unpredictable.

10. Day TEN : One confession.

a. I can never be a barbie doll no matter how you dress me up. At the end of the day, no matter how badly you want to change me, I'd still have my own style, my own thinking and my uniqueness. I'd always be a girlyragdoll. Make up on, ragged clothes on.


Love this post jess. Very nice indeed. :)

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